How Passenger works

How Passenger works lets you get reliable, safe and on demand ride to go anywhere. Just tap a button and your ride is on the way! Order a cab or travel as passenger anywhere from one place or city to other and the closest available one will pick you up. You will know your fair before you take the ride. Our Fairs are fixed and transparent.

Now you don't need to go bus stops or pay for taxis to get you bus stops. No more wasted time at the end of trips waiting at stations to catch your bus. Our driver will pick you from your door and drop you at your destination. We have experienced local drivers, background checks and after the training sessions to ensure high quality and secure facilities give you in a better way on long route journeys...

Bottom line? Passenger gets you where you’re going, fast, safe, reliable.

We are all are passengers here, makes your journey great.

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Safe & Secure

You can trust our safe and reliable service.Once you order your ride we take care of the rest.Dont need to confirm your ride multiple times.


We make your long travel hacktic journeyes fun and rich in exeperience

On Demand

You can order our service any time and we will take you anywhere where you want, we are not bound in boundries.