Rent A Car in Hunza

Rent A Car in Hunza

Hunza is the famous valley for its beauty, the folks of Hunza are noted for their kindliness and generosity. The native tongues are Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina, majority people know Urdu. The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is greater than 90%. Almost every child of the new age group studies up to at least high school level. Many pursue higher studies from prominent colleges and Universities of Pakistan and overseas.

Hunza is a place which shares borders with Uyghurstan (Xinjiang) in North-East, to Pamir in the North-West, to Gilgit in the South and to Nagar Valley in the East. The capital of this place was Baltit but now it is Karimabad. Hunza is divided into three parts Upper Hunza, Lower Hunza and Central Hunza. It has 48,000 residents.

Hunza valley is considered the center of attraction of Karakuram Mountain. Karimabad the capital of Hunza is the only place where you can enjoy the view of five famous peaks i.e. Rakaposhi 7788m, Golden peak 7027m, Diran 7256m, Ulter I 7388m, Ulter II 7310m and many others.

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